Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

“The 6ft Diva of Confidential Curves”

“The 6ft Diva of Confidential Curves”
Qwondolyn “Kia” Nelson

My next "unsung Diva" interview goes to a good friend of mines, whom I call Kia, Qwondolyn Nelson. Kia and I met YEARS ago through my support group, P.L.U.M.P. Productions, also known as Pretty Ladies Uniquely Made Perfect. P.L.U.M.P. was designed for plus size women who may be suffering from low self-esteem due to their weight. The P.L.U.M.P. Team was created of women who wanted to stand in the gap and reach out to peers by showing them that they are beautiful and their sizes don’t determine who they are as a person. Kia was one of the most dedicated members. She went the extra mile to make things happen for P.L.U.M.P. Proposals and all types of contracts and legal documents, started through Kia. She kept the organization in good standings when it came to networking with other organizations and businesses. Years later, Kia has branched off and became a business woman of her own. She has opened opportunities for other plus sized women in the industry. I am happy to say that I have accumulated like minded friends who are determined to live a dream and be able to help others along the way. With that being said, lets get into the interview!

Where are you from and what is it that you do?

I am originally from Sumter, South Carolina but I reside in Upper Marlboro, MD. I am a daughter, sister, mother, massage therapist, and CEO of Platinum Plus Model Management...just to name a few...lol.

I know you can run down a list of your most famed characteristics but what is one word that can totally describe what type of person you are?

Wow that's a good question. I would have to say the one word that describes me is determined . Throughout my life I have had many obstacles but without my determination I would have never been able to get through them. I refused to let my past dictate my future.

It is obvious to me what makes you stand out in a crowd...but please tell our readers what makes you Unique?

Other than the fact that I am 6ft tall and plus size. I exude confidence! I am very proud of the woman that I am today and when you see me I show it. I want women to see me and know there is nothing you can't do, anywhere you can't go. The word "can't", should not be a part of your vocabulary when referring to yourself!

Your confidence runs through the roof. As one of the ORIGINAL and most loyal members of my group P.L.U.M.P., how would you say this group helps or displays your confidence in yourself?

P.L.U.M.P. teaches that no matter who you are, you are beautiful. This was a support group and a family. My very first fashion show was done with P.L.U.M.P. The plus size scene was small and it was the only scene that featured all full figured models but we killed that show! I must say our scene was the show! To see all of these beautiful plus size ladies strut down the runway you could only be proud. I bet that day we made skinny girls want to eat an extra serving just so they could be like us...lol!

Can you tell us what P.L.U.M.P. has done for you in the past?

When I joined P.L.U.M.P., I was in an unhappy marriage with someone who verbally abused me. I didn't see the beauty in me that others saw. With the help of P.L.U.M.P., I not only gained self confidence I also was able to help others not to go down the same path.

Your little sisters were members of the mentoring program. How would you say the mentoring program has affected your sisters in the past and if still running, how would it change the teen girls of today?

My sisters have always been big girls but I wanted them to see that they were not alone. The P.L.U.M.P. mentoring program focused on showing our younger ladies that you are beautiful no matter what. Now one of my sisters is in college, working full time and may have more confidence than me. My youngest sister who is now a senior in high school is not only confident but she has figured out how to love herself first. If P.L.U.M.P.’s mentoring program was running today, it would do just what it has been doing all along, showing women that no matter what they are beautiful and special in their own way.

I would describe you as my "6ft diva of confidential curves".... Most ladies at your height, turned to basketball...why modeling for you?

Honestly...I sucked! Oh my goodness I tried it when I was younger and I was horrible. I was uncoordinated and clumsy but I was pretty. I loved fashion, hair, and make-up. I was a typical girlie girl and basketball just wasn't me. My mom who was over 6ft played basketball and even tried out for the Mystics so I tried (well she made me...lol) and I just sucked. There are home movies that I hope never surface of me scoring for the opposing team (the only points I ever scored.

With doing modeling on the side, how is/was your modeling experience and what have you gained from it?

Modeling has made me tough! I have heard so many No's and had every flaw pointed out from my eczema to my big feet. At first I was ready to quit until I had someone show me I did I have "it". It was my first shoot and I had never seen myself all dolled up. All it took was that one yes. That one yes lead to bigger opportunities and one day I looked in the mirror and was like "hey, you are one fierce b!"....lol

As a business woman, that you are, you have taken the opportunity to start an organization of your own. I would call it group one and group two of Platinum Plus. Please explain to us who Platinum Plus is and what you all do.

Platinum Plus is a plus sized modeling agency. We accept women size 12-24. The thing is we aren't just an agency we are a family. I make sure all of my models not only have the tools they need to succeed in the fashion industry but I show them how to use them.

What will it take to become a member of your representing agency?

Ok, before you apply to PPMM or any agency first ask yourself "Is this for me?" Everybody is not meant to model. This is hard work! If you are not confident, determined, and can't take constructive criticism this is not for you. This is a very competitive field and if you are not ready you will be out faster than you came. Now if you are all of the above the next step is simple....just send me a message either on our Facebook page or you can fill out the contact form on our website.

With PPMM, how have this changed or enhanced your view on the industry from working behind the scenes?

Working behind the scenes is the most complicated job ever! First the models...you begin with models who aren't as dedicated or loyal as when they begin and they quit. Quitting isn't the bad part the bad part is when you know you have done all that you can and they are still not satisfied. They bad mouth you instead of owning up to their own issues and all you can do is ....nothing. You smile and try to help the next person in hopes that this person will work as hard as you. Now when you have the models you have to deal with the clients.....she's too big, she's too small, she needs more pictures. You name it they complain about it

I know having an organization; you now tend to have another "family" created to attend to...How do you juggle your family and your business??

My family is very supportive of what I do so that makes things very easy. My children also love the industry so whenever they can help out I allow them to. I don't work on Sundays and if there is something special going on in my family I leave business alone for them. If I was rich and famous I would still have date nights, birthday parties, and days when my girls and I lay in bed all day and watch movies. I do this for them, without them there's no point for me.

Everything always has its ups and downs, what would you say to other women who may be using their children or family to hold them back from living their dreams??

DON'T!!! Include your family if you have to but you have to follow your own dreams or you will always wonder "what if?"

What is next on your agenda?? Do you have any events coming up??

Well...March 5th is our very first PPMM fashion show "Curvy Girls Rock", we have a promo event at J. Marie's restaurant on the 27th of January as well as many creative photo shoots and appearances. You can keep informed through or Facebook page or our website www.platinumplusmodelmanagement.com

Contact info:

Website- www.platinumplusmodelmanagement.com

Email- platinumplusmm@gmail.com

Phone- 202-681-PPMM

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Southwest Florida's BEST KEPT SECRET... Kayla Marshall of P.L.U.M.P.

Interview #2 with P.L.U.M.P.'s own Kayla Marshall

Hello All...

I have had the pleasure of conducting my second interview with such a wonderful person that I have no problem with introducing, to my followers, one of the greatest ladies you would ever meet! Kayla Marshall became a member of my Plus Size Support Group, P.L.U.M.P. Productions, a few years or so ago through MySpace. When she contacted me, she was so elated to see that I actually responded back to everyone's notes and comments personally. Kayla, to me stood out from most of the followers because of determination and bubbly personality. I remember posting a bulletin, on MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/p_l_u_m_p), for the young followers of PLUMP Productions to send in a photo as well as their name and location to be featured on the page. Kayla was like THE FIRST to respond to that message! Of course she was listed and I was pleased to see her ambition. P.L.U.M.P. at the time was being fully serviced through MySpace, CosmoGirl Magazine, and our P.L.U.M.P. Jrs Mentoring Program. Shortly after daily conversations with Kayla and other PLUMP members, I decided to go to school full-time in Baltimore, MD which caused a big hold on the Organization and a major set back. This not once stopped Kayla's interest! I recently went BACK on MySpace to inform everyone that the Organization can now be found on Facebook and again Kayla was the first from MySpace, once posted, to add the Facebook Group Page! After sparking up convo with Kayla yet again, I found interest in her starting a mentoring program in her area for P.L.U.M.P. as well as discovered her love for photography! I told Kayla, she MUST put that skill to good use. She is an AWESOME photographer... Well that is enough from me... Time to hear from Kayla herself! So here is my interview with the wonderful Kayla Marshall

Hello Kayla, and thank you for taking part in my interviewing project. I wanted to talk to you to get the followers and P.L.U.M.P. members for familiar with who you are

BD: So lets get this thing started…shall we...How are you??
KM: I'm great, thanks for asking.

BD: The reason I saw fit to interview you is because of your consistency and dedication to P.L.U.M.P., First off, tell our followers a little bit about where you are from and how you came about hearing about the P.L.U.M.P. Organization.
KM: I am from a small town called LaBelle in Southwest Florida. I have lived here a majority of my life. I found out about P.L.U.M.P through a magazine, the name of the magazine slips my mind but I remember reading it a couple years ago and talking to my mother about how it inspired me.

BD: Most P.L.U.M.P. members have a story to tell. I won't get into detail with it, but what were your reasons for inquiring about P.L.U.M.P.
KM: I had struggles with my size. Never felt I fit in anywhere and P.L.U.M.P. reached out to me in one of the hardest times of my life.

BD: What does the P.L.U.M.P. Organization mean to you? How does it affect your life as a plus size young adult?
KM: P.L.U.M.P. means a lot to me. It has been my inspiration for loving myself ever since the day I found out. I'm no longer that shut-in, super self conscious person that I had always been due to my size and image.

BD: Based off your past experiences with becoming a part of P.L.U.M.P., how can you use this organization to help others?
KM: This is a simple answer; SO MANY girls I know suffer from low self esteem due to their size. I have, since finding out about P.L.U.M.P., become an outlet for some. I always suggest becoming a part of this Organization because it is full of so many wonderful and inspirational people. And there is always someone there to reach out to. We are not alone. P.L.U.M.P. is not just an 'Organization' it is a family.

BD: As ask by myself, I wanted you to step out and organize a mentoring program in your area under P.L.U.M.P. what do you plan to do under your mentoring program? Who do you plan to reach?
KM: I plan on bringing together all the plus size teens/young adults together to show them that they are NOT alone in how they feel about themselves. And, let them know and see how beautiful they truly are not only on the inside but on the outside as well. I have a lot of ideas running through my mind as to how we can work on ourselves as well as reach out to others in our community and surrounding communities as well.

BD: Can we say that this Organization has allowed you to embrace a new inspiration for you?
KM: Without a doubt. I have had people and things inspire me, but P.L.U.M.P. has been a huge inspiration to me.

BD: Besides P.L.U.M.P. what other things inspire you?
KM: A lot of things inspire me, actually. I'm mostly inspired by those who are told they CANNOT do something, but do their hardest to reach their goals. My family inspires me! They always believe in me and never let me think that I CANT do something. Also, my friends and many of people I have met through the years online, too. I have met so many people in my life that have just pushed me to keep going and to reach higher every time. I appreciate that so many people have faith in me, even when I never had faith in myself.

BD: I've had the chance to view your photography work and boy do you have an eye for photography. How did you get into doing photography?
KM: Thank you! The story as to how I got into doing photography actually tells a lot about me. I had always loved looking at photographs but in December 2001, I recieved my first digital camera for Christmas. I snapped photos here and there, went crazy with the camera, as any 13 year old would have. But there is ONE photo I took, that ended up meaning the world to me. It was the last photograph taken of my Papaw. In January 2002, he came up missing and that photo taken of him by myself, was all over the news. It's a lengthy story and I'll spare you of that. But that one photograph is what inspired me to keep taking photos.

BD: With you photography already posted, I see that you like to take photos of still subjects. Have you ever thought about turning it into a business and actually photographing for magazines, books, and model portfolios?
KM: I have always wanted to do that. But, the lack of confidence has held me back. I am what they say 'testing the waters' right now with making a business of it, at the moment. Who knows maybe someday I'll get discovered and be the next David LaChapelle. Just kidding!

BD: Are there any other hidden talents that you possess?
KM: Hidden talents, hmm. I enjoy singing, but I think I'm slightly terrible at it. I'm good at helping people and giving advice, is that a talent? Other than that I'm unsure. :P
BD: Ok.. so how can you incorporate all the things you love and all the things you plan to do for you and your community?
KM: I tend to incorporate what I love in my everyday life. I'm sure it will come naturally into what I plan on doing for the community. I'd love to set up a free 'photo shoot' for the plus size (or anyone really) in the community and show them their beauty in the form of a photograph.

BD: Ten years from now, where can all of this lead you?
KM: Honestly, I haven't the slightest idea. I'm not doing anything to make fame of myself. I do things merely to help others and inspire. I could be in the same shoes I am now 10 years from now and be just as satisfied. I'm a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece and an aunt. I'm a caregiver, a nanny and a photographer. I am happy with that. But if it could lead me into anything more, I'd love to become a motivational speaker or some kind of mentor/idol for those who need someone to lean on.

BD: Looking back over all that you have done so far in life, is there anything you would go back and change about you or anything that you have done?
KM: I would not change a thing. I am happy with everything that has happened in my life, past to present. Everything has shaped me into who I am today and I could not be more thankful.

BD: So what is next for Kayla Marshall?
KM: Living my life one day at a time. Not sure where it's going to lead, but this path has me smiling and inspired. Plan on doing more with my photography business and enjoying the time I have with my family and friends. And, getting out there and helping the plus size of today! :) Live life to the fullest and cherish every moment.

BD: We only have "One Life to Live", What would you say to other young women your age who may not have a vision in mind or they have a vision but may be letting it go to waste.
KM: Never let anything or anyone keep you from your dreams. Open yourself up to opportunities that arise, you never know where that path may lead. No one or nothing can stop you from doing what you believe in, except yourself. Reach for the stars and never back down. You are important not only to those close to you, but to the world. It only takes ONE person to make a change, you could be the change.


Contact info:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/kayla.marshall
E-mail: kaylaxrenae@gmail.com
Photography: http://apixelatedsmilephoto.deviantart.com/


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Awesome Interview with Plus Fashionista Extraordinaire Miss Shelly King

This was actually suppose to be my 2nd interview so I am kind of out of order so please bare with me! Thanks=)

My Plus Size Diva
"Plus Fashionista Extraordinaire"

Miss Shelly King

Photo by Nu Reflectionz Photography

A friend of mines from church, Shanisha Barnes, whom I have grown up with warned me about this up and coming Plus Size Model at her school in NC. She kept telling me how much she wanted us to get together because she knew she would be an awesome candidate to model. She spoke so highly of her that I just had to see who she was. Everytime I saw Shanisha, she would say, "Did you get a chance to talk to Shelly yet?" and my reply would be "no, I'm waiting on her to hit me back"...but oh boy when I finally got a reply, I was amazed to see how beautiful she was and how much she was comfortable she was in the body God created for her. She contacted me about doing a shoot with her...of course, she needed makeup services. Shelly drove all the way up here to Maryland from NC to shoot with Tracey of Nu Reflectionz Photography (pictured). I appreciated her keeness.. She was very down to earth and loyal to her modeling! I was so into her motivation and the "drive" she embodies for modeling is remarkable. Shelly will be any and everywhere if need be. The second you cast for plus models, Shelly King is ON IT...lol.. This is the determination that agencies look for in a model.. Shelly has now done countless shows for producers all over, she has worked with and met lots of people in the industry, she now does makeup services, and has also started a fashion blog in which I read to get pointers on what and what not to wear. I applaud Shelly King for her many accomplishments and encourage her to keep moving forward in the industry.

Me doing Shelly's makeup for the shoot

Now on to the interview with the delightful Shelly King!

BD: Well hello to the infamous Shelly King, Plus Size Model of NC..or should I say everywhere?? lol

SK: Hey Diva..lol

BD: Tell me, where did this sudden urge to model come from?

SK: It wasn’t really an urge I like fell into it. I was actually in undergraduate school and I was walking across campus in 4-5 inch heels the director (at the time) of the local modeling troop was in awe. He saw me and was like girl come with me you’ve got to model. I was like o…k (In an unsure voice)

BD: I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are such a natural at modeling..with the facial expressions, the posing, the charisma, etc. Did you have to go through any training to get to this point?

SK: Thank you for the compliment, When I first started in the industry I had training on how to walk a runway but back then I would have loved to have something like Plus Academy by DeVoe Signature Events.

BD: How long have you been modeling?

SK: I have been modeling for six years.

BD: Do you have a particular role model or mentor that you turn to for guidance?

SK: As for a role model in the plus model industry I would have to say Mia Amber, Jeanie Ferguson and Christina Mendez all three maintain a real positive attitude on life and when I see them they are always warm approachable people. I admire there stories and successes, they keep it real!

BD: Is there anyone that you, currently, enjoy working with?

SK: Currently, I will be walking with The International Fuller Woman Expo in Detroit on Sept 18th and I am really excited and kicking off October 2nd will be the open house for the Plus Academy Charlotte byway of Gwen DeVoe of DeVoe Signature Events.

BD: Who do you dream of working with?

SK: I dream to work with Plus Model Magazine in breaking the barrier for fuller size models 18-22. I want to work with MIB magazine as well.

BD: What do you think is the most important part of Plus Size Modeling?

SK:The most important part of Plus Size Modeling I would have to say is versatility. A model is not just someone that takes pretty pictures a model must be flexible at all times and be able to transform for the job, for the people. A plus size model especially is a voice for the unspoken average size women that wants to feel beautiful but doesn’t know how.

BD: I see that you started a fashion blog...What made you start this blog?

SK: Yes, I started like a mini blog really on fashion bloopers. I would often think I was so cute in a outfit that didn’t make sense and until I looked back and addressed it I know better now. I think all women should have a full length mirror and study style in there size.

BD: Do you have a favorite blog that you follow?

SK: Yes, I have a few:
Gabi Gregg of http://www.youngfatandfabulous.com/

BD: Have you ever thought about starting your own clothing line?

SK: No, but I would love to see more funky eclectic plus size styles like rainbow sequin skirts and puffy sleeves bring the 70s fashion back 

BD: You know you have fans right?? Do you think your "fans" come from the fact that you are a Plus Model, or is it your "Down-to-Earth" Personality??

SK: I don’t consider myself having fans but a support system. I believe I have a “family of supporters, those that believe in a dream and dream big with me. In spite of my upbringing it does not depict your future and even in my humbleness I appreciate and value my support system.

BD: The stereotype is that most Plus Size Models have this perfect hour glass shape. Do you feel this way as well?? or should we burn this stereotype and say that all shapes of plus women can get booked for any job?

SK: Who started that stereotype?! That is totally untrue. All plus size models have uniqueness about them not all are the same. Some certainly may have a hourglass shape. But I am proportioned and that is a plus in the industry. BURN THE STEREOTYPE. Depending on the job, not all models can get booked for a particular assignment. My job as a model is to break down the barrier for models 18-22. We need to see faces and body types like myself. Not stick thin models that don’t really depict what a plus size women looks like.

BD: **Hi Five for the sticks** How difficult is it to get booked for shows?

SK: Getting booked for fashion shows isn’t really that difficult. You just have to present yourself correctly. It starts with your walk, your image, your pictures.

BD: What advice would you give to other plus women looking to start modeling or who are already modeling but not sure the ins and outs of this industry?

SK: Research, Research, Research. Don’t jump into something because it seems cool or neat. Know what your getting into, everyone won’t like you. Look up who’s who in the plus model industry and find your niche. I recommend Plus Model Academy with Gwen DeVoe. It’s a great way to get started.

BD: Thank you Shelly girl for interviewing with me!

SK: Thank you so much for the opportunity

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LETS GET PERSONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miss Curvy Teen 2010 @ The Arc Theater with LT3 Youth Entertainment

Well HELLO everyone,

I wanted to tell you about my first ever experience judging at a Pageant. I was honored to judge at the Miss Curvy Teen 2010 Pageant filled with young plus size teens who wanted to show their talents, confidence, and knowledge on stage. This event was to help build self-esteem and confidence in our young plus size girls... CAN I SAY AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE I surely enjoyed being there and witnessing such talent... I look forward to seeing much more coming from these young ladies as well as LT3 Youth Entertainment... SHOUT OUT to TIA WHITE for hooking me up and getting me on the PANEL...and to Teena for being such a wonderful person inside and out... The other judges where very down to earth as well!!! I had the pleasure of sitting next to some wonderful people who are paving the way for future generations.

"Miss Curvy Teen is a beauty pageant for girls sizes 12 or more. This pageant was designed to give the curvier girl a spotlight and to build confidence and self esteem. Most importantly to reiterate that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AT ANY SIZE. We will also display special guest performances by some talented kids from the area."

Ms. Zhana Kornegay was the winner of the Miss Curvy Teen 2010 Pageant. Zhana (age 16) is ALSO our promo model for the Back to School Shoot Special of September 2010 with Turner C Photography. CONGRATZ TO ZHANA!!!!!!!!


Monday, May 24, 2010

NK COSMETICS... my new found cosmetic love

Hello Blog World,

Well I know a few MUAs have blogged about the same product so here is my chance to vouch for this particular product as well... For those MUAs on a budget but want the SAME effect as a popular product, this is the eyeshadow for you. I have been the ultimate MAC Fan for the last 10+ years... and it wasn't until recently (literally) that I decided to venture out and try something new.... Thanks to one of my fellow MUA mentees, Travia, I was introduced to NK High Definition EyeShadows. This made me put down the MAC eyeshadow and pick up the NK! IT REALLY IS NICE...and guess what, it is ONLY $1.49.... you don't believe the power of the NK, CHECK OUT THE PICS... I drove around to about 7 stores until I found them... LOCATION: Beauty Island down by Howard University...my final stop...I picked up 9 shadows for $14... and get this, you get double maybe even triple the amount of shadow in the palette =)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It has been a LONG time before I did one of these but I wanted to blog about my experience at the PAINT ME PRETTY COMPETITION PART 2.... This was my very first competition ever involving makeup so I wanted to give my point of view of the function and share my experiences with the world =)

First off CONGRATZ to the WINNER, Ms. Marita of Philly! Now that I got that out KUDOS TO CANDE PAINTZ ARTISTRY for SUCH A WONDERFUL DISPLAY...so good we got 2nd place in the competition...Shooting for FIRST PLACE next year. Thank YOU to Kiki for all the wonderful clothing, ROCKING HAIR STYLES & IDEAS ...and to Ericka for making your mark in this production..You came in, went straight to work and did your thing (the brides were BEAUTIFUL, and they displayed EXACTLY what we were told to do for that scene...BASIC Bride Face)... And to our ever so faithful and loyal assistant KRIS (my little sister) she is always on time and ready to work. To R'Chelle for stepping in on such a BIG project...Look out for R'Chelle, she is the next and upcoming makeup artist ready to slay the industry. To my other half Thai for always lending a hand in any and everything (OUR BIGGEST SUPPORTER)... To our models Nekya, Samantha, Hollewood, Crystal, Kamaria, Remy, Tara, and Francisca THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts...You all stayed dedicated to the mission, you accomplished and delivered every scene, you slayed the runway, you made 6 mommies proud... we appreciate you for EVERYTHING!!!! WITH ALL THE TEAMWORK AND DEDICATION PUT IN TO MAKE THIS SHOW A SUCCESS, YOU ALL TOOK US TO 2ND PLACE... THANKS TO MONICA, LESLEY, JAMAL, INDIA, AND THE REST OF THE PMP2 STAFF FOR ALLOWING US TO BE A PART OF SUCH A WONDERFUL FUNCTION!

As I looked around, I knew the competition was about to be great... there were som AWESOME makeup artists backstage who gave me FEVER the more I walked around looking... I have to give it to them...THEY ALL SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT!!! This year was such a success so I know NEXT YEAR will be the pitts...SO ALL I CAN SAY ISSSSSSSSSSS "BRING IT"...LOL...India and Monica you all have killed that phrase! LOL...we couldn't tell the models nothing else but to BRING IT! So please believe, NEXT YEAR will be PAINTED FOR THE GODS!!!! I know itz gonna be HOT competition then... We look forward to some challenging categories... and a sidenote to those makeup artists who felt some type of way about not placing in the top three, YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS... They told us what they wanted from us as a whole...stay within the guidelines and you will place next time!! SHOUT OUT TO ERICA COATES...SUCH A WONDERFUL MAKEUP ARTIST....SHE IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEE!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

My New Found Love and Career Shift

Hello All,

I know I ensured my followers and friends that I would blog about dealing with low self-esteem and lack of confidence but I felt a shift in my thoughts and decided to blog about my new found love and career direction. Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher...I went through school determined to be a teacher to the young people. I went to college for about 4 yrs..started out at Prince Georges Community College and later transferred to Towson University majoring in Early Childhood Education (GO TIGERS). I also had jobs along the way in Day Cares, Childcare Centers, Summer Camps, Aftercare Programs, tutoring and all that comes along with it. I completed all my Early Childhood classes but was unsuccessful with completing all my Gen Ed courses due to withdrawal... Now blame me for wanting to do the Early Childhood classes first...they were SIMPLY FUN...I enjoyed writing lesson plans, thinking of creative activities, sitting in on meetings with other teachers, watching the childrem laugh and smile...and BOY did they have alot of interesting things to talk about. I gained a godson, Antoine, along the way who happens to be old enough to forget all about me now, three "nieces", (Akia, Aniya, Arianna) by two of my best friends, and two nephews (Tristan and Trenton).... WEIRD how all of their names are similar right?? LOL... I love it! I plan to have my own one day..I want to give birth to one and then adopt a baby outside of my race. Very passionate about all my plans and goals in life.

With all that said, how in the world did I get so wrapped up in doing makeup..lol... WELL simply put.. I LOVE MAKEUP..I love doing makeup, I love watching people do it, I love the way it looks on people...I am the FANATIC..lol...the colors, the arrangements, the blending, the creativity...it's all a part of the game! I would buy makeup before I buy clothes... Makeup excites me so much...lol...CAN'T YOU TELL?? Everyone knows, you can call me at the drop at a dime to do makeup and I will be right there! I advanced my skill in so many ways...these days I even shock myself from the results of applying makeup to people. I love what I do! I definately appreciate the responses I have been getting from models, photographers, promoters, etc. I have had my share of weddings, photoshoots, fashion shows, tv shows, makeovers, parties, etc. So I am ready to do any and every event...I am just one phone call away! "Barbie Diva is on the move"....

Shout out to my company Cande Paintz Artistry! Good things are coming...just wait!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Frustrations of a TALENTED Makeup Artist

Hey Everyone,

Those of you who know me personally know that I am passionate about my makeup and this is something I was born to do. No one taught me how to do it but myself. It all came from practice and dedication to perfecting my skill. I am not one to boast but I believe my makeup skill is on an A-list scale with most other makeup artists that I know. If I didn't have the confidence that I have in my work, I wouldn't be as effective. So yes I said it, I have A-list skills in makeup... LOL... Well I been building this skill for 7yrs now with all the many trips to the MAC Store and all the times sitting in front of the mirror painting my face and hundreds of others.

Sometimes I get so frustrated because I feel like I should be doing so much more. I know I can do more...I am very capable of doing more. I am currently working as a freelance makeup artist which means that I am "on call" when needed for makeup services. Most of the time I promote myself enough to get people to want to come to me to get their makeup done. I wish there was a way I could just get up everyday, paint 50 faces, come back home and go to sleep with a smile.. but it's not always that simple. I want and need MORE!! Jobs come and go but I am seeking stability!

I plan to eventually move to NYC and persue my dream of working for Broadway doing makeup for all of the actors and actresses. I am very determined to make this dream come true. I know I want to work with my makeup mentor Alicia Mitchell along the way! She is another A-lister...very talented right out of New Jersey! I LOVE YOU ALICIA...you totally rock =)

Well now that you know my frustrations and know my plans, HELP A SISTER OUT!

Until then Ta Ta!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Introduction to my newly found Blog Life!!

Hello Ladies and Gents!!

I thought I would give this Blog thing a try to help you keep up with what is on my mind, different functions/events that I have coming up, photo shoot projects, and helpful tips for those dealing with beauty crisis and confidence issues. I will also express myself in ways that I see fit. I see blogger as my online "diary" so if you have a problem with my views on things, you can kindly contact me personally. Otherwise feel free to comment on any and every blog entry that I may post on here. Thanks in advance for your cotinuous support!

I got the idea to blog from both the character of Julie on the recent movie feature "Julie and Julia" and Thai. This was a great movie. We watched it with such amazement because the characters found their passion in cooking food. I thought it would be a good movie to watch being that Thai loves to cook as well...so YAY ME! lol **pats myself on the back**

Well enough about that! Let me get back into this introduction...

First off, for those of you that don't know much about me, my name is Treneice, Neicee, Diva, Diva Monroe, Barbie Diva, and Brooklyn. Yes I go by all of those names for different reasons mainly because they are all given names =) ... I am a plus size model for X'Change Modeling and State Leader for the DC/MD/VA Chapter. X'Change Modeling was created and founded by Myisha Hill who had a vision to empower plus size women and offer these women with the ability to change the world starting with their communities by using their many talents and skills. Under X'Change Modeling, I have met and worked with many plus size models in the DMV area and am continuing to offer opportunities for these ladies and provide the tools they need to be successful as a model and leader. Before I joined X'Change, I created a plus size support group called P.L.U.M.P. (Pretty Ladies Uniquely Made Perfect) for ladies suffering from low self-esteem and image issues. This led to my feature in the February 2007 issue of Cosmo Girl Magazine where I told my story on growing up as a plus size girl and how I turned the hard times into a positive.

I am also a makeup artist and have been for the last 7yrs. I have a joy and passion for makeup. This is my skill and I feel that I am pretty good at it =) .... I started playing in makeup around my highschool days but was never big on wearing makeup in school. My mother introduced me to Fashion Fair and MAC Cosmetics and that was ALL SHE WROTE..lol... I got my hands on a little bit of money after graduating from high school and you couldn't pay me to keep me out of the MAC Store. I use to shop in there every Friday until I built up enough makeup in my kit to explore and be creative. I later started working with models on photoshoots, fashion shows, weddings, etc. Thanks to Alicia Mitchell and Lauren aka Queen of Blending for showing me that taking risks doesn't hurt when it comes to makeup! Also, thanks to my closest friends Kiki, Ericka, and Kris for helping me start and get Cande Paintz Artistry up and running. We have offered many opportunities for models to build their portfolios and work with different photographers in the area. Stay tuned for upcoming projects. Valentines Photo Shoot Packages are now in effect! Ask me for more details...

Finally, I am the Mother of the wonderful House of Monroe. The House of Monroe was created in June 2006 in honor of the Legendary Iconic Marilyn Monroe. My House contains both males and females of the same age range looking to make a difference in their community, build a family outside of their biological family, and slay other Houses in the Ballroom Scene. We have been a union for the last almost 4yrs now and plan to carry on as well as grow for many years to come. Look out for the 2nd Annual Hate It or Love It Mini Ball coming sooner than soon!

In closing of this introductory Blog, I hope that I will be able to expand and build a large group of followers that may benefit from my thoughts and views on things as well as be able to participate in any upcoming projects that I may be working on. You may also reach me on Facebook (Treneice Diva Monroe Whitehead). I will be chatting with you soon!

"To KNOW me is to Love Me!" ....Have an AWESOME day =)