Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Awesome Interview with Plus Fashionista Extraordinaire Miss Shelly King

This was actually suppose to be my 2nd interview so I am kind of out of order so please bare with me! Thanks=)

My Plus Size Diva
"Plus Fashionista Extraordinaire"

Miss Shelly King

Photo by Nu Reflectionz Photography

A friend of mines from church, Shanisha Barnes, whom I have grown up with warned me about this up and coming Plus Size Model at her school in NC. She kept telling me how much she wanted us to get together because she knew she would be an awesome candidate to model. She spoke so highly of her that I just had to see who she was. Everytime I saw Shanisha, she would say, "Did you get a chance to talk to Shelly yet?" and my reply would be "no, I'm waiting on her to hit me back"...but oh boy when I finally got a reply, I was amazed to see how beautiful she was and how much she was comfortable she was in the body God created for her. She contacted me about doing a shoot with her...of course, she needed makeup services. Shelly drove all the way up here to Maryland from NC to shoot with Tracey of Nu Reflectionz Photography (pictured). I appreciated her keeness.. She was very down to earth and loyal to her modeling! I was so into her motivation and the "drive" she embodies for modeling is remarkable. Shelly will be any and everywhere if need be. The second you cast for plus models, Shelly King is ON IT...lol.. This is the determination that agencies look for in a model.. Shelly has now done countless shows for producers all over, she has worked with and met lots of people in the industry, she now does makeup services, and has also started a fashion blog in which I read to get pointers on what and what not to wear. I applaud Shelly King for her many accomplishments and encourage her to keep moving forward in the industry.

Me doing Shelly's makeup for the shoot

Now on to the interview with the delightful Shelly King!

BD: Well hello to the infamous Shelly King, Plus Size Model of NC..or should I say everywhere?? lol

SK: Hey Diva..lol

BD: Tell me, where did this sudden urge to model come from?

SK: It wasn’t really an urge I like fell into it. I was actually in undergraduate school and I was walking across campus in 4-5 inch heels the director (at the time) of the local modeling troop was in awe. He saw me and was like girl come with me you’ve got to model. I was like o…k (In an unsure voice)

BD: I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are such a natural at modeling..with the facial expressions, the posing, the charisma, etc. Did you have to go through any training to get to this point?

SK: Thank you for the compliment, When I first started in the industry I had training on how to walk a runway but back then I would have loved to have something like Plus Academy by DeVoe Signature Events.

BD: How long have you been modeling?

SK: I have been modeling for six years.

BD: Do you have a particular role model or mentor that you turn to for guidance?

SK: As for a role model in the plus model industry I would have to say Mia Amber, Jeanie Ferguson and Christina Mendez all three maintain a real positive attitude on life and when I see them they are always warm approachable people. I admire there stories and successes, they keep it real!

BD: Is there anyone that you, currently, enjoy working with?

SK: Currently, I will be walking with The International Fuller Woman Expo in Detroit on Sept 18th and I am really excited and kicking off October 2nd will be the open house for the Plus Academy Charlotte byway of Gwen DeVoe of DeVoe Signature Events.

BD: Who do you dream of working with?

SK: I dream to work with Plus Model Magazine in breaking the barrier for fuller size models 18-22. I want to work with MIB magazine as well.

BD: What do you think is the most important part of Plus Size Modeling?

SK:The most important part of Plus Size Modeling I would have to say is versatility. A model is not just someone that takes pretty pictures a model must be flexible at all times and be able to transform for the job, for the people. A plus size model especially is a voice for the unspoken average size women that wants to feel beautiful but doesn’t know how.

BD: I see that you started a fashion blog...What made you start this blog?

SK: Yes, I started like a mini blog really on fashion bloopers. I would often think I was so cute in a outfit that didn’t make sense and until I looked back and addressed it I know better now. I think all women should have a full length mirror and study style in there size.

BD: Do you have a favorite blog that you follow?

SK: Yes, I have a few:
Gabi Gregg of http://www.youngfatandfabulous.com/

BD: Have you ever thought about starting your own clothing line?

SK: No, but I would love to see more funky eclectic plus size styles like rainbow sequin skirts and puffy sleeves bring the 70s fashion back 

BD: You know you have fans right?? Do you think your "fans" come from the fact that you are a Plus Model, or is it your "Down-to-Earth" Personality??

SK: I don’t consider myself having fans but a support system. I believe I have a “family of supporters, those that believe in a dream and dream big with me. In spite of my upbringing it does not depict your future and even in my humbleness I appreciate and value my support system.

BD: The stereotype is that most Plus Size Models have this perfect hour glass shape. Do you feel this way as well?? or should we burn this stereotype and say that all shapes of plus women can get booked for any job?

SK: Who started that stereotype?! That is totally untrue. All plus size models have uniqueness about them not all are the same. Some certainly may have a hourglass shape. But I am proportioned and that is a plus in the industry. BURN THE STEREOTYPE. Depending on the job, not all models can get booked for a particular assignment. My job as a model is to break down the barrier for models 18-22. We need to see faces and body types like myself. Not stick thin models that don’t really depict what a plus size women looks like.

BD: **Hi Five for the sticks** How difficult is it to get booked for shows?

SK: Getting booked for fashion shows isn’t really that difficult. You just have to present yourself correctly. It starts with your walk, your image, your pictures.

BD: What advice would you give to other plus women looking to start modeling or who are already modeling but not sure the ins and outs of this industry?

SK: Research, Research, Research. Don’t jump into something because it seems cool or neat. Know what your getting into, everyone won’t like you. Look up who’s who in the plus model industry and find your niche. I recommend Plus Model Academy with Gwen DeVoe. It’s a great way to get started.

BD: Thank you Shelly girl for interviewing with me!

SK: Thank you so much for the opportunity

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