Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Introduction to my newly found Blog Life!!

Hello Ladies and Gents!!

I thought I would give this Blog thing a try to help you keep up with what is on my mind, different functions/events that I have coming up, photo shoot projects, and helpful tips for those dealing with beauty crisis and confidence issues. I will also express myself in ways that I see fit. I see blogger as my online "diary" so if you have a problem with my views on things, you can kindly contact me personally. Otherwise feel free to comment on any and every blog entry that I may post on here. Thanks in advance for your cotinuous support!

I got the idea to blog from both the character of Julie on the recent movie feature "Julie and Julia" and Thai. This was a great movie. We watched it with such amazement because the characters found their passion in cooking food. I thought it would be a good movie to watch being that Thai loves to cook as well...so YAY ME! lol **pats myself on the back**

Well enough about that! Let me get back into this introduction...

First off, for those of you that don't know much about me, my name is Treneice, Neicee, Diva, Diva Monroe, Barbie Diva, and Brooklyn. Yes I go by all of those names for different reasons mainly because they are all given names =) ... I am a plus size model for X'Change Modeling and State Leader for the DC/MD/VA Chapter. X'Change Modeling was created and founded by Myisha Hill who had a vision to empower plus size women and offer these women with the ability to change the world starting with their communities by using their many talents and skills. Under X'Change Modeling, I have met and worked with many plus size models in the DMV area and am continuing to offer opportunities for these ladies and provide the tools they need to be successful as a model and leader. Before I joined X'Change, I created a plus size support group called P.L.U.M.P. (Pretty Ladies Uniquely Made Perfect) for ladies suffering from low self-esteem and image issues. This led to my feature in the February 2007 issue of Cosmo Girl Magazine where I told my story on growing up as a plus size girl and how I turned the hard times into a positive.

I am also a makeup artist and have been for the last 7yrs. I have a joy and passion for makeup. This is my skill and I feel that I am pretty good at it =) .... I started playing in makeup around my highschool days but was never big on wearing makeup in school. My mother introduced me to Fashion Fair and MAC Cosmetics and that was ALL SHE WROTE..lol... I got my hands on a little bit of money after graduating from high school and you couldn't pay me to keep me out of the MAC Store. I use to shop in there every Friday until I built up enough makeup in my kit to explore and be creative. I later started working with models on photoshoots, fashion shows, weddings, etc. Thanks to Alicia Mitchell and Lauren aka Queen of Blending for showing me that taking risks doesn't hurt when it comes to makeup! Also, thanks to my closest friends Kiki, Ericka, and Kris for helping me start and get Cande Paintz Artistry up and running. We have offered many opportunities for models to build their portfolios and work with different photographers in the area. Stay tuned for upcoming projects. Valentines Photo Shoot Packages are now in effect! Ask me for more details...

Finally, I am the Mother of the wonderful House of Monroe. The House of Monroe was created in June 2006 in honor of the Legendary Iconic Marilyn Monroe. My House contains both males and females of the same age range looking to make a difference in their community, build a family outside of their biological family, and slay other Houses in the Ballroom Scene. We have been a union for the last almost 4yrs now and plan to carry on as well as grow for many years to come. Look out for the 2nd Annual Hate It or Love It Mini Ball coming sooner than soon!

In closing of this introductory Blog, I hope that I will be able to expand and build a large group of followers that may benefit from my thoughts and views on things as well as be able to participate in any upcoming projects that I may be working on. You may also reach me on Facebook (Treneice Diva Monroe Whitehead). I will be chatting with you soon!

"To KNOW me is to Love Me!" ....Have an AWESOME day =)


  1. That was a very detailed intro babes...Here's to Blogging =)

  2. yes! i'm so excited and proud of you!!!

  3. LOVE the blog babe