Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Southwest Florida's BEST KEPT SECRET... Kayla Marshall of P.L.U.M.P.

Interview #2 with P.L.U.M.P.'s own Kayla Marshall

Hello All...

I have had the pleasure of conducting my second interview with such a wonderful person that I have no problem with introducing, to my followers, one of the greatest ladies you would ever meet! Kayla Marshall became a member of my Plus Size Support Group, P.L.U.M.P. Productions, a few years or so ago through MySpace. When she contacted me, she was so elated to see that I actually responded back to everyone's notes and comments personally. Kayla, to me stood out from most of the followers because of determination and bubbly personality. I remember posting a bulletin, on MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/p_l_u_m_p), for the young followers of PLUMP Productions to send in a photo as well as their name and location to be featured on the page. Kayla was like THE FIRST to respond to that message! Of course she was listed and I was pleased to see her ambition. P.L.U.M.P. at the time was being fully serviced through MySpace, CosmoGirl Magazine, and our P.L.U.M.P. Jrs Mentoring Program. Shortly after daily conversations with Kayla and other PLUMP members, I decided to go to school full-time in Baltimore, MD which caused a big hold on the Organization and a major set back. This not once stopped Kayla's interest! I recently went BACK on MySpace to inform everyone that the Organization can now be found on Facebook and again Kayla was the first from MySpace, once posted, to add the Facebook Group Page! After sparking up convo with Kayla yet again, I found interest in her starting a mentoring program in her area for P.L.U.M.P. as well as discovered her love for photography! I told Kayla, she MUST put that skill to good use. She is an AWESOME photographer... Well that is enough from me... Time to hear from Kayla herself! So here is my interview with the wonderful Kayla Marshall

Hello Kayla, and thank you for taking part in my interviewing project. I wanted to talk to you to get the followers and P.L.U.M.P. members for familiar with who you are

BD: So lets get this thing started…shall we...How are you??
KM: I'm great, thanks for asking.

BD: The reason I saw fit to interview you is because of your consistency and dedication to P.L.U.M.P., First off, tell our followers a little bit about where you are from and how you came about hearing about the P.L.U.M.P. Organization.
KM: I am from a small town called LaBelle in Southwest Florida. I have lived here a majority of my life. I found out about P.L.U.M.P through a magazine, the name of the magazine slips my mind but I remember reading it a couple years ago and talking to my mother about how it inspired me.

BD: Most P.L.U.M.P. members have a story to tell. I won't get into detail with it, but what were your reasons for inquiring about P.L.U.M.P.
KM: I had struggles with my size. Never felt I fit in anywhere and P.L.U.M.P. reached out to me in one of the hardest times of my life.

BD: What does the P.L.U.M.P. Organization mean to you? How does it affect your life as a plus size young adult?
KM: P.L.U.M.P. means a lot to me. It has been my inspiration for loving myself ever since the day I found out. I'm no longer that shut-in, super self conscious person that I had always been due to my size and image.

BD: Based off your past experiences with becoming a part of P.L.U.M.P., how can you use this organization to help others?
KM: This is a simple answer; SO MANY girls I know suffer from low self esteem due to their size. I have, since finding out about P.L.U.M.P., become an outlet for some. I always suggest becoming a part of this Organization because it is full of so many wonderful and inspirational people. And there is always someone there to reach out to. We are not alone. P.L.U.M.P. is not just an 'Organization' it is a family.

BD: As ask by myself, I wanted you to step out and organize a mentoring program in your area under P.L.U.M.P. what do you plan to do under your mentoring program? Who do you plan to reach?
KM: I plan on bringing together all the plus size teens/young adults together to show them that they are NOT alone in how they feel about themselves. And, let them know and see how beautiful they truly are not only on the inside but on the outside as well. I have a lot of ideas running through my mind as to how we can work on ourselves as well as reach out to others in our community and surrounding communities as well.

BD: Can we say that this Organization has allowed you to embrace a new inspiration for you?
KM: Without a doubt. I have had people and things inspire me, but P.L.U.M.P. has been a huge inspiration to me.

BD: Besides P.L.U.M.P. what other things inspire you?
KM: A lot of things inspire me, actually. I'm mostly inspired by those who are told they CANNOT do something, but do their hardest to reach their goals. My family inspires me! They always believe in me and never let me think that I CANT do something. Also, my friends and many of people I have met through the years online, too. I have met so many people in my life that have just pushed me to keep going and to reach higher every time. I appreciate that so many people have faith in me, even when I never had faith in myself.

BD: I've had the chance to view your photography work and boy do you have an eye for photography. How did you get into doing photography?
KM: Thank you! The story as to how I got into doing photography actually tells a lot about me. I had always loved looking at photographs but in December 2001, I recieved my first digital camera for Christmas. I snapped photos here and there, went crazy with the camera, as any 13 year old would have. But there is ONE photo I took, that ended up meaning the world to me. It was the last photograph taken of my Papaw. In January 2002, he came up missing and that photo taken of him by myself, was all over the news. It's a lengthy story and I'll spare you of that. But that one photograph is what inspired me to keep taking photos.

BD: With you photography already posted, I see that you like to take photos of still subjects. Have you ever thought about turning it into a business and actually photographing for magazines, books, and model portfolios?
KM: I have always wanted to do that. But, the lack of confidence has held me back. I am what they say 'testing the waters' right now with making a business of it, at the moment. Who knows maybe someday I'll get discovered and be the next David LaChapelle. Just kidding!

BD: Are there any other hidden talents that you possess?
KM: Hidden talents, hmm. I enjoy singing, but I think I'm slightly terrible at it. I'm good at helping people and giving advice, is that a talent? Other than that I'm unsure. :P
BD: Ok.. so how can you incorporate all the things you love and all the things you plan to do for you and your community?
KM: I tend to incorporate what I love in my everyday life. I'm sure it will come naturally into what I plan on doing for the community. I'd love to set up a free 'photo shoot' for the plus size (or anyone really) in the community and show them their beauty in the form of a photograph.

BD: Ten years from now, where can all of this lead you?
KM: Honestly, I haven't the slightest idea. I'm not doing anything to make fame of myself. I do things merely to help others and inspire. I could be in the same shoes I am now 10 years from now and be just as satisfied. I'm a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece and an aunt. I'm a caregiver, a nanny and a photographer. I am happy with that. But if it could lead me into anything more, I'd love to become a motivational speaker or some kind of mentor/idol for those who need someone to lean on.

BD: Looking back over all that you have done so far in life, is there anything you would go back and change about you or anything that you have done?
KM: I would not change a thing. I am happy with everything that has happened in my life, past to present. Everything has shaped me into who I am today and I could not be more thankful.

BD: So what is next for Kayla Marshall?
KM: Living my life one day at a time. Not sure where it's going to lead, but this path has me smiling and inspired. Plan on doing more with my photography business and enjoying the time I have with my family and friends. And, getting out there and helping the plus size of today! :) Live life to the fullest and cherish every moment.

BD: We only have "One Life to Live", What would you say to other young women your age who may not have a vision in mind or they have a vision but may be letting it go to waste.
KM: Never let anything or anyone keep you from your dreams. Open yourself up to opportunities that arise, you never know where that path may lead. No one or nothing can stop you from doing what you believe in, except yourself. Reach for the stars and never back down. You are important not only to those close to you, but to the world. It only takes ONE person to make a change, you could be the change.


Contact info:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/kayla.marshall
E-mail: kaylaxrenae@gmail.com
Photography: http://apixelatedsmilephoto.deviantart.com/


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