Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Diva "BarbieDiva MUA" Monroe (the Model/Makeup Artist)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It has been a LONG time before I did one of these but I wanted to blog about my experience at the PAINT ME PRETTY COMPETITION PART 2.... This was my very first competition ever involving makeup so I wanted to give my point of view of the function and share my experiences with the world =)

First off CONGRATZ to the WINNER, Ms. Marita of Philly! Now that I got that out KUDOS TO CANDE PAINTZ ARTISTRY for SUCH A WONDERFUL DISPLAY...so good we got 2nd place in the competition...Shooting for FIRST PLACE next year. Thank YOU to Kiki for all the wonderful clothing, ROCKING HAIR STYLES & IDEAS ...and to Ericka for making your mark in this production..You came in, went straight to work and did your thing (the brides were BEAUTIFUL, and they displayed EXACTLY what we were told to do for that scene...BASIC Bride Face)... And to our ever so faithful and loyal assistant KRIS (my little sister) she is always on time and ready to work. To R'Chelle for stepping in on such a BIG project...Look out for R'Chelle, she is the next and upcoming makeup artist ready to slay the industry. To my other half Thai for always lending a hand in any and everything (OUR BIGGEST SUPPORTER)... To our models Nekya, Samantha, Hollewood, Crystal, Kamaria, Remy, Tara, and Francisca THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts...You all stayed dedicated to the mission, you accomplished and delivered every scene, you slayed the runway, you made 6 mommies proud... we appreciate you for EVERYTHING!!!! WITH ALL THE TEAMWORK AND DEDICATION PUT IN TO MAKE THIS SHOW A SUCCESS, YOU ALL TOOK US TO 2ND PLACE... THANKS TO MONICA, LESLEY, JAMAL, INDIA, AND THE REST OF THE PMP2 STAFF FOR ALLOWING US TO BE A PART OF SUCH A WONDERFUL FUNCTION!

As I looked around, I knew the competition was about to be great... there were som AWESOME makeup artists backstage who gave me FEVER the more I walked around looking... I have to give it to them...THEY ALL SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT!!! This year was such a success so I know NEXT YEAR will be the pitts...SO ALL I CAN SAY ISSSSSSSSSSS "BRING IT"...LOL...India and Monica you all have killed that phrase! LOL...we couldn't tell the models nothing else but to BRING IT! So please believe, NEXT YEAR will be PAINTED FOR THE GODS!!!! I know itz gonna be HOT competition then... We look forward to some challenging categories... and a sidenote to those makeup artists who felt some type of way about not placing in the top three, YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS... They told us what they wanted from us as a whole...stay within the guidelines and you will place next time!! SHOUT OUT TO ERICA COATES...SUCH A WONDERFUL MAKEUP ARTIST....SHE IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEE!!!


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